The Forms and Sets of Kenpo Karate

This page contains links to the various forms and sets of Kenpo Karate. Not all of these are taught in all schools, nor are they all taught at the same level. We are simply providing a list of the sets and forms for information. I have even included other sets not normally taught in the American Kenpo Karate system.

The Forms

Short Form 1
Long Form 1
Short Form 2
Long Form 2
Short Form 3
Long Form 3
Long Form 4
Long Form 5
Long Form 6
Long Form 7

Personal Katas

The Sets

Blocking Set 1 (Star Block Set)
Kicking Set 1
Stance Set 1
Striking Set 1
Coordination Set 1
Finger Set 1
Coordination Set 2
Blocking Set 2
Striking Set 2
Stance Set 2
Kicking Set 2
Club Set 1
Staff Set
Two Man Set
Finger Set 2

Various Other Sets

Book Set
Mass Attack
Lock Flows
Tiger / Crane Set
Tam-Tui 1-12