Kenpo Curriculums

Q: How many Kenpo black belts does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 100, 1 to do it and 99 to say "That's not how Mr. Parker showed me..."

I have created here a collection of Kenpo information. Within it you will find write-ups for techniques, forms and sets. The technique write-ups are for both American Kenpo and Tracy Kenpo. As the above joke states, a standard curriculum is not going to happen nor is it what I hope to acheive or promote. That's because within the system, we each have our own style. The curriculums reflect the 24 Technique system found within Infinite Insights into Kenpo, Vol. 5 and the 16 Technique system created by Mr. Brian Duffy and used by many. They are the same written techniques, just in a different order. I have also added notes, options, and other items of interest. The extensions are listed as well. The Tracy curriculum is also included here for the Tracy stylists.

There are many other orders for the American Kenpo curriculum, as well as blendings of modern American Kenpo and Tracy's Kenpo curriculums, and much more. I have chosen to put the more common American Kenpo curriculums and a Tracy's curriculum as well.

American Kenpo 24
Videos in Yellow Belt are .avi
American Kenpo 16
Videos in Yellow Belt are .avi
American Kenpo Techniques (alphabetical list)
American Kenpo Freestyle Techniques
American Kenpo Extensions
Tracy's Curriculum

Forms / Sets