Comparison List between
Tracy Kenpo and Parker Kenpo Techniques
This comparison form was submitted by Vishal Shukla, who has experience in both systems. If any were missed, please inform us. We also understand that many of the techniques will feature similarities: most of those were not included. Also, did not include the variation letters as those are not consistent throughout.
Parker Kenpo Names
Tracy Kenpo Names
Delayed Sword
Delayed Sword
Clutching Feathers
Eagle's Beak
Dance of Death
Dance of Death
Locking Horns
Headlock (var.)
Lone Kimono
Kimono Grab (var.)
Glancing Salute
Five Swords
Five Swords
Scraping Hoof
Heel Hook
Grip of Death
Headlock (var.)
Crossing Talon
Crossing Talon
Striking Serpent's Head
Front Bear Hug
Locked Wing
Locking Arm
Obscure Wing
Japanese Stranglehold
Thrusting Prongs
Knee Lift
Crashing Wings
Circling Elbows
Twirling Wings
Opening Cowl
Snapping Twig
Snapping Twig
Leaping Crane
Springing Tiger
Crushing Hammer
Rising Elbow
Charging Ram
Encircling Arms (var.)
Parting Wings
Flashing Daggers
Thundering Hammers
Thundering Hammers
Circling Wing
Crash of the Eagle (var.)
Hooking Wings
Sweeping Arm Hook
Shield and Sword
Crossed Swords
Gift in Return
Gift (var.)
Bow of Compulsion
Eagle Miss
Obstructing the Storm
Crossing the Sun
Twin Kimono
Kimono Grab (var.)
Spiraling Twig
Spiraling Wrist
Cross of Destruction
Bridge (var.)
Begging Hands
Thrusting Wedge
Crouching Falcon
Flashing Wings
Flashing Wings
Defying the Storm
Bending Reeds
Conquering Shield
Advancing Phoenix
Raking Mace
Striking Asp (var.)
Shield and Mace
Attacking the Wall
Fallen Cross
Breaking the Cross
Returning Storm
Dance of the Mongoose
Crossed Twigs
Shackle Break (var.)
Twist of Fate
Parting the Reeds
Flashing Mace
Whirling Warrior
Wings of Silk
Silk Wind
Gathering Clouds
Parting the Waves
Destructive Twins
Two-Headed Serpent
Broken Ram
Encicling Arms (var.)
Circling the Horizon
Shaolin Warrior
Obscure Claws
Hidden Fist
Escape from Death
Japanese Stranglehold & Headlock
Brushing the Storm
Startled Cat
Circles of Protection
Winding Limbs
Broken Gift
Gift (var.)
Heavenly Ascent
The Wedge
Capturing the Storm
Spinning from the Sun
Taming the Mace
Passing Wind
Intercepting the Ram
Encircling Arms (var.)
Clipping the Storm
Cobra & The Mongoose
Back Breaker
Eagle Claws
Glancing Spear
Bending the Limb
Circling Fans
Whirling Leaves
Falcons of Force
Flowing Hands
Bear and the Ram
Eagle Pin
Raining Lance
Whirling Thorn
Desperate Falcons
Crossing the Lock
Leap of Death
Leap of Death
Courting the Tiger
Knee Sweep
Glancing Lance
Tumbling Clouds
Destructive Fans
Spinning Hammers
Unfurling Crane
Drums of Manchu
Parting of the Snakes
Chinese Junk
Blinding Sacrifice
Darting Serpent (vars.)
Snakes of Wisdom
Sweeping Branches
Falling Falcon
Fatal Cross
Bridging the Gap
Twirling Hammers
Reversing Hammers
Defensive Cross
Sweeping Winds
Dance of Darkness
Brushing Wind
Marriage of the Rams
Folding Wings
Ram and the Eagle
Whirling Blades
Destructive Kneel
Sowing the Seeds
Bowing to Buddha
Kneeling Tiger
Prance of the Tiger
The Lotus
Defying the Rod
Uncovering the Flame
Twisted Rod
Covering the Flame
Unfurling Lance
Chinese Fan
. .