Opposites and Reverses in Long Form 4 The idea of opposites and reverses is nothing new to those who study American Kenpo. We learn it with the first few techniques, doing Delayed Sword with its inward block, front kick, outward hand sword and Sword of Destruction's extended outward block, front kick, inward hand sword routine. And as we move along, techniques like Crossing Talon and Crossed Twigs come to mind as well as reverse order of strikes in Deceptive Panther and Intellectual Departure. The idea is not new as we know every motion has an opposite and a reverse. We just need to recognize which are useable to us for self-defense. It is also not a surprise that elements of this are seen within Long Form 4. Of course, this is not an absolute list, but a list with some ideas on it. And I am sure there are more. If I think of any or if any are suggested to me, I shall add them here. So use this a guide. Decide if they really are reverse or if their are other reverses to be found.