Secrets of the Kenpo Healing Arts

by Ted Sumner

I have long been troubled by the fact that it was necessary for me to go outside our system in order to learn the Healing Arts of Kenpo. Beginning in 1990 until his death in 2000, Sig Kufferath, the legendary Master of Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, patiently guide me through learning the healing arts. Professor Kufferath insisted that these identical healing procedures had been an essential component of the teachings of James Mitose at his dojo in Honolulu from 1942 to 1952. According to Professor Kufferath, this knowledge had been regarded as non-essential by William Chow, who either did not learn or never bothered to pass on the vital healing arts. Subsequently, the healing arts were not brought to the mainland.

At my own school all Brown and Black Belts are required to learn the healing arts. However, I have been very discouraged by the limited success I have had teaching the healing arts to lower ranking belts and non-martial artists, who simply wanted to learn deep tissue massage therapy. As a result I have refrained from offering instruction to students and instructors of affiliate Kenpo Schools throughout the country, despite the urgings of Master Al Tracy.

In September of 2002 a student came to San Jose for six days with the specific intention of learning the Kenpo Healing Arts. Already a Shodan in Kenpo, the student was able to learn and competently perform the techniques of the entire beginning healing arts curriculum within the six-day period. As the beginning course is usually a six-month program, this accomplishment seemed astounding and begged explanation.

Through comprehensive analysis I have come to realize that a synergy of knowledge and skills in the “War Arts” and Healing Arts of Kenpo can be easily accomplished by more advanced students. I now understand that a theoretical concept of equivalency has always been in existence. All that is needed to accomplish the goal of teaching the Kenpo Healing Arts to advanced, motivated students of Kenpo is a high level of learner interaction with the course content, interaction with fellow learners and limited guidance from the instructor.

As a result of this illumination, I have created a self-guided instructional course in the “Secrets of the Kenpo Healing Arts”. The course instructional materials consist of a written manual and Video or DVD. I am aware that left with only this instructional courseware that the inevitable intersubjectivity could create widespread misinterpretation of essential performance requirements. Therefore, the instructional process can be augment by available weekend seminars and online information and interaction at the San Jose Kenpo web site (

Motivated martial artists who commit to this incredible learning opportunity will not only learn the secrets of healing and restoring the body, but will vastly increase their existing knowledge and understanding of Kenpo techniques and what makes them work. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to Ted Sumner at email address

Ted Sumner, MAED, MA-adult learning/distance learning, PT, CMT, 8th Dan