Kenpo Media

There are a large number of materials in the media world regarding our art of Kenpo. This collection is by no means complete and will continue to grow as more individuals publish more.

* = Item can be found in the KenpoNet Mall


Adams, Brian. "Deadly Karate Blows: The Medical Implications." Unique Publications.*

Bachman, Lee. "The Edge: How to Not Become a Victim." Bachman Publishing. *

Bachman, Lee. "Evolution of Kenpo." Bachman Publishing. *

Bachman, Lee. "Kenpo Foundations." Bachman Publishing. *

Bachman, Lee. "Kenpo Logic: Overcoming Multiple Attackers." Bachman Publishing. *

Bachman, Lee. "Kenpo Physics: The Science of Motion." Bachman Publishing. *

Bachman, Lee. "Kenpo Theory: The Why." Bachman Publishing. *

Bachman, Lee. "Quantum Kenpo: Pulling the Pieces Together." Bachman Publishing. *

Bleecker, Tom and Hyams, Joe. "The Journey: The Oral Histories of 24 of the Most Proficient American Kenpoists of Today." Gilderoy Publications, 2001. ISBN 0-96531324-7.

Cerio, Nick. "Nick Cerio's Master's Text."

Clerc, Dean Allen. The Mindset of a Martial Artist."

Hancock, Skip. Mastering Kenpo: The Path to Excellence." *

LaTourette, John. "The Master's Guide to Kicking."

LaTourette, John. "Mental Training of a Warrior."

LaTourette, John. "Secrets to American Kung Fu."

LaTourette, John. "Warrior's Guide to Knife Fighting."

McSweeney, John. "Battleaxe: A Warriors Tale."

Mitose, James. "In Search of Kenpo.,"

Mitose, James. "What is Self-Defense?"

Parker, Edmund K. "Encyclopedia of Kenpo." Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Guide to the Nunchuku." Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Infinite Insights into Kenpo: Mental Stimulation." Vol. 1. Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Infinite Insights into Kenpo: Physical Analyzation I." Vol. 2. Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Infinite Insights into Kenpo: Physical Analyzation II." Vol. 3. Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Infinite Insights into Kenpo: Mental & Physical Constituents." Vol. 4. Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Infinite Insights into Kenpo: Mental and Physical Applications." Vol. 5. Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Kenpo Karate: Law of the Fist and the Empty Hand." Delsby Publications.

Parker, Edmund K. "Secrets of Chinese Karate."

Parker, Edmund K. "The Zen of Kenpo." Delsby Publications.

Parker, Leilani. "Memories of Ed Parker: Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo Karate."

Persons, Michael. "Sampai Kempo."

Sanders, Steve and Williams, Donnie. "Championship Kenpo."

Tatum, Larry. "Confidence: A Child's First Weapon"

Wedlake, Lee Jr. "Further Insights into Kenpo." Lee Wedlake Karate Studios. *

Wedlake, Lee Jr. "Kenpo Karate 101: What Every Beginner and Black Belt Should Know." Lee Wedlake Karate Studios. *

Wedlake, Lee Jr., with Planas, Richard. "Kenpo Karate 201: The Basic and Exercise Forms: Short and Long 1 / Short and Long 2." Lee Wedlake Karate Studios. *

Will, Jay T. "Kenpo Karate for Self Defense."

Williams, Sascha. "The Book of Sparring Drills."

Williams, Sascha. "Kenpo Karate: The Art of Spontaneity." WKK Publications.

Williams, Sascha. "Kenpo Karate for Young Students." WKK Publications.

Videos (VHS & DVD)

Bachman, Lee. "Kenpo Wise" Video Series- 6 tapes on mass attacks, basics, weapons, etc.

Bulot, Tim. 16 Tapes on grafting, sticks, techniques and training to survive.

Epperson, Leroy W. Dynamic Kenpo Nunchuku.

Fowler, Rick. Six Tapes on advanced Kenpo drills and the extensions to the techniques.

German, David. Kenpo TAI Series- *

Hancock, Skip. Kenpo 2000 Video Series. (33 Videos) *

IKCA. "Karate Connection." (Their series of 7 videos for requirements.)

Kelley, Sean P. "Kenpo for Kids."

Kelley, Sean P., Hebler, Dave, Wheeler, Martin. "The Guardian." Kicnjab Productions.

Lambert, Mike. Knife Fighting with Kenpo Principles.

Lambert, Mike. 12 Tapes on Basics, Self-Defense, Forms, Extensions.

Maughn, George. 5 technique videos.

Parker, Edmund K. 2 Tapes of a Seminar from 1982 or so. Features advanced Kenpo concepts and many of the principles outlined in the Infinite Insights series.

Planas, Richard "Huk". Video Series on Kenpo Principles and Concepts. (Covers Basics, Yellow Belt Techniques, and from Short Form 1 through Long Form 6 and Two Man Set) *

Rebello, Joe. Featuring Mr. Speakman, Mr. Planas, Mr. Trejo, Mr. Wedlake, and others on Public Access TV. Lotus Video.

Sanchez, Ron. Survival Mindset Seminar. *

Sasaki, Jody. Kenpo Video Series- Century Martial Arts

Simonet, Joseph. "Beyond Kenpo."

(2 Videos Set)- Century Martial Arts

Spry, Steve. American Kenpo Videos.

Sullivan, Chuck and Parker, Edmund Jr. "Vintage Kenpo." (The video from 1962 featuring Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Parker, Sr.)

Tabatabai, Mohamad. Kenpo Techniques tapes- Century Martial Arts

Tatum, Larry. (VHS) "Kenpo Self Defense Techniques." (21 Tapes cover yellow through 3rd Deg. Black Curriculums)

Tatum, Larry. (VHS) "When Kenpo Strikes." (23 Videos covering basics, mass attack, forms, and more.)- Century Martial Arts

UKKA. 12 technique videos and 12 forms videos.

Wedlake, Lee Jr. "Lee Wedlake's Kenpo Karate." Tapes cover yellow belt through green (his curriculum).

Wheeler, Martin. "Kenpo Fighter's Series." (14 Tapes cover everything from essential basics, techniques, ground fighting, locks, holds, controls, weapons, multiple attackers and more.)

White, Bob. "American Kenpo Fighting Techniques." *

Whitson, Zach. "Kenpo Counterpoint." (2 DVDs)*

Will, Jay T. "Black Belt Karate." (I found this one at a local library.)


Chapél, Ron. "Course 101." Martial Science University Advanced American Kenpo Concepts.