Rules And Principles Of Motion

An instructor is the reason you never really see a list of these. You need the instructor to show you the principle, to apply the principle, and to have you apply the principle, correcting as necessary. This is a start of a list of most of the principles and rules used in Kenpo techniques. Is it all? No. I could never claim that, but it is a pretty definitive list. I have broken them into sub-groups as well to better present the material. My sources? First off, my instructor, of course. Second, I read books. I read books by Mr. Parker, including the Infinite Insights series and The Zen of Kenpo as well as Mr. Lee Wedlake's books. I also read notes that I had jotted into my less than beautiful notebook that has seen some travels; many of these notes from various seminars.

But are all these necessarily rules and principles? No. Many of them are simply analogies used to express a strategy of motion or to illustrate an actual principle. And don't be surprised to see rules and principles repeated here when needed.


Rules and Principles of Motion

Rules and Principles of Power

Rules and Principles of Blocking and Checking

Rules and Principles of Striking