The KenpoNet Black Belt Thesis Library is here to serve students and teachers alike as they search for more answers with their Art. The purpose is to give people access to these documents. As students prepare for their brown and black belt tests, they are spending substantial amounts of time on their theses. And once the test is completed, the thesis is set aside. By keeping this library active, we give everyone unprecedented access to multiple people's work: their ideas, explanations, illustrations, theories, and more. We also give the art an opportunity to grow as information is made available to all. The thesis is displayed here in a .pdf file and/or .html file.

Information that can be submitted is the black belt thesis, and even a write-up of your black belt thesis form. The thesis also does not have to be your 1st Degree Black Belt Thesis; but if you did one your 2nd, 3rd, etc. you can submit that as well. Include the full thesis, including (if applicable) table of contents, pictures, index, works cited sheet, and whatever else deem necessary. Any requirements for the paper / form may also be included to give understanding to why you did what you did. Include what rank it was for and to whom and when it was submitted.

This Library is not here to assist others in stealing their thesis-- in fact most instructors will know of this information as they or their peers have submitted. All items are copyrighted by the author.

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