Who's Who In Kenpo
The Past, Present, and Future of the Art of Kenpo
(including various strands, deviations, and more)
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Adams, Brian Author of Deadly Karate Blows.
Angat, Jr., Jorge 2nd Deg. Black Belt in Centralia, WA.
Arnell, Terry On Parker Family Tree


Bachman, Lee Author of many Kenpo books
Bartsch, John "Jack"  
Billings, Michael Kenpo-Texas
Bishop, John Kajukenbo Professor
Bleecker, Tom "The Journey". Read Unsettled Matters (Bruce Lee) in our history section.
Booze, Ed
Braughton, Ron One of Dave Hebler's Black Belts
Bulot, Tim Black Belt on Larry Tatum's tree
Bunda, Carlos Kajukenbo stylist


Caraulia, AlGene One of Adriano Emperado's Black Belts
Castillo, Ricardo Teaches Tracys Kenpo in Corpus Christi, TX
Castro, Ralph 10th Deg. Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo
Cerio, Nick Founder of Nick Cerio's Kenpo
Chapél, Ron Sub-Level 4and Advanced Kenpo.
Chow, William Kwai Sun Ed Parker, Sr.'s instructor, as well as instructor for the Emperados and more.
Clary, Harvey On the Parker Family Tree
Cogliandro, Doreen  
Cogliandro, Tony AKI Founder
Collado, Angelo Has a website dedicated to forms.
Conatser, Dennis Founded the IKKO, member of AKSC Council. Interview.
Connor, Tom TRACO line of Kenpo
Conway, John, Sr.  
Crenshaw, Mills On the Parker Family Tree


Dacascos, Al Studied Kajukenbo, created Wun Hop Kuen Do.
DeMaria, Frank Chinese Kenpo / Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster
Dimmick, Joe On the Parker Family Tree
Downey, Ed AKTS- Ireland
Doyle, Joe AKKS in Ohio; PKC Co-Director for Ohio
Duffy, Brian Founder of AKF; Council member for AKSC. Interview.
Dye, Paul  


Ellis, Gary AKKS European Director
Elmer, George ACKKS
Emperado, Adriano Kajukenbo Founder; Prof. Chow's student


Farmer, Dan Kenpopalooza is his goal...
Flores, Jesus One of the Flores Bros.
Flores, Refugio One of the Flores Bros.
Furuya, Jim "Yosh" On the Parker Family Tree


German, David Videos available on his Kenpo-blend style.


Hackney, Keith UFC Competitor
Hale, Barbara  
Hancock, Skip Kenpo 2000
Hawkins, Bryan United Kenpo Systems
Hebler, Dave Bodyguard for Elvis Presley; CKF
Hibben, Gil Made those Kenpo Knives!
Hughes, Clint UKKD Head Instructor; IKKA Member
Hughes, Rick OAKKA National Director
Hyams, Joe Author of "Zen in the Martial Arts" and "The Journey."


Ibrao, James One of the first Parker black belts, now teaches Jun Bao Kung Fu. Interview.
Inosanto, Dan Kenpo Black Belt who worked with Bruce Lee; now a leading expert in Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino arts.


Justice, Walter 6th Deg. Black Belt Under Mr. Tatum


Kelley, Sean P. CKF President
Kelly, Tom Co-Authored the original manuals.
Kuo'ha, Sam Kara-Ho Kempo head; Chow's student


LaBounty, Stephen AKSC Co-Founder; law enforcement self-defense consultant.
LaTourette, John The speed doctor
Lauer, Larry Alberta, Canada Kenpo
Laxson, Dan President of the OAKKA.
LeRoux, Vic With Chuck Sullivan, these two are the IKCA founders
Liles, Robert Sr. Advisor for United Kenpo Systems
LoVarco, Tom VP of the WKKA
Lowe, Bobby One of Professor Chow's Black Belts


MacDonald, Roy On the Parker Family Tree
Martin, Larry S.L. "Linc" Shojukempo founder
McSweeney, John 10th Deg. Black who worked with Mr. Parker
Meredith, Joshua Administrator for the KenpoNet
Miller, Michael  
Mills, Paul AKKI President
Mitchell, Jim On the Parker Family Tree
Mitose, James M. First taught Kenpo Jujitsu in Hawaii; later it became Kosho Ryu Kenpo.
Muhammad, Steve (Sanders) BKF Co-Founder.


Nackord, Dennis Nackord Kenpo Karate Systems
Neal, Renée American Kenpo 3rd Black


O'Briant, Clyde T. Student of Larry Tatum; a 6th Deg. Black Belt
Oyler, Jack On the Parker Family Tree


Packer, Bill Mr. Tom Connor's student
Palanzo, Joe 10th Deg. Black Belt; founded the WKKA
Parker, Edmund K., Sr. Founder of American Kenpo
Parker, Edmund K., Jr. The founder's son...and a great artist.
Peacock, Sterling On the Parker Family Tree
Petit, Arturo  
Pick, Michael 10th Deg. Black Belt, UKF founder
Planas, Richard "Huk" The Instructor's Instructor.
Presley, Elvis Singer, Actor, Kenpoist
Price, Brian CKF Member

Q, R

Rebelo, Joseph P. II "KenpoJoe"
Rolando, Norman Teaches in the the Twin Cities.
Roman, Chief Adrian Native American Fighting Arts
Rose, Bob BKKU President; 10th Deg. Black Belt
Ryusaki, Bill Hawaiian Kenpo pioneer


Sanchez, Ron Longtime student of Bob White
Sanders, Michael J.  
Sanders, Steve Or see Steve Muhammad
Saviano, Tom 8th Deg. Black under John McSweeney
Schulte, Rainer Kenpo in Germany
Seabrook, Jamie 6th Deg. Black, LTKKA, Author, Masters Hall of Fame Inductee
Sepulveda, John Co-Founder for the AKSC; AKKS International Director
Sevic, Zoran Kenpothoughts.com webmaster
Shuras, Joe Kempo Instructor in Massachusetts
Shuras, Kathy Kempo Instructor in Massachusetts
Simmons, Dave Kenpo stylist from Minnesota. Interview.
Speakman, Jeff "The Perfect Weapon" and other movies
Spry, Steve IKKI President
Steele, Willy OAKKA Board Member
Sullivan, Chuck Founded the IKCA with Vic LeRoux


Tabatabai, Mohammed Student of Larry Tatum; has a video series
Tanaka, Dian Featured in The Journey by Joe Hyams
Tatum, Larry 10th Deg. Black Belt who founded LTKKA.
Tracy, Al 10th Deg. Black Belt who founded the Tracy Karate franchise.
Tracy, Jim Brother of Al, who also helped open the franchise.
Trejo, Frank Co-Founded the AKSC.


Urban, Sandor Florida Kenpoist; web designer


Vale, Bart Teaches Tracy Kenpo and Shootfighting.
Vassolo, Mike Under the line of John McSweeney.
Velez, Gilbert
Vince, Thomas Teaches Kenpo in South Carolina.


Wedlake, Lee Author of many magazine articles and some books.
Wheeler, Martin Has videos; incorporates many styles like Russian Systema. Interview.
Whelan, Joseph  
White, Bob 9th Deg. Black Belt with a video series in production. AKSC President.
Whitson, Zach Direct student of Mr. Planas who does Kenpo and Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Will, Jay T. Fighter, Referee, Teacher
Williams, Donnie  
Williams, Sascha Author of a couple of Kenpo books.
Wood, PC Originally did the WWW Kenpo Server. Gave me an idea...

X, Y, Z

Young, Thomas  

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