Chief Adrian Roman

Adrian “Chief” Roman a full blood Choctaw Indian was born at an Indian Hospital in Talihina, Oklahoma January 26,1942. He attended elementary and high school in Kiowa, Ok with his family until 1957, when the Bureau of Indian Affairs relocated his family to Dallas, TX. During his formative years in Kiowa, Chief a natural athlete excelled in basketball, baseball, track and boxing. It was during these early years that Chief began to experiment with the art of self-defense. His was the only Indian family in town and prejudice was still very much alive, in Oklahoma. Chief grew up fighting for mere survival.

Chief and his family moved to Dallas TX in 1957 and he would later begin his formal training in the martial arts under David Ceniceros, one of Grand Master Ed Parker’s top Black Belts. Ed Parker, The Father of American Kenpo is considered by most of his contemporaries to be the Father of Karate in the United States. Chief was later able to train under GrandMaster Parker through the seminar circuit, and would receive his 5th Degree in October 1990.

Ed Parker, a Hawaiian, and Chief, a American Indian had many discussions about the similarities of their heritage and culture. They considered each other cousins and Parker encouraged Chief to be creative in the martial arts. Chief also trained under another legend, Grand Master Remy Presas, who is the Father of Modern Arnis. Presas also encouraged Chief to be creative and to resurrect the fighting arts of his Native American ancestors. Through the encouragement of these two legendary martial arts master’s, the Native American fighting arts Red Warrior/Tushka-homa was born. With the unfortunate death of Master Parker in 1990 and Professor Presas in 2001, it was time to begin a new chapter in his approach to the martial arts.

“Chief” age 62, has been studying and teaching Ed Parker’s American Kenpo system for 33 years. Chief holds an 8th degree in Mr. Parker’s American Kenpo. Today, Chief Roman thrives to keep Mr. Parker’s Kenpo spirit alive. He is founder and president of the Native American Kenpo Association. Master Parker was a friend, a true genius and a legend in his own time, and will be truly missed.

Chief Roman a full blood Choctaw Indian is the founder of American Indian Weapons system called Red Warrior/Tushka-homa. As of 2000 Grand Master Chief Roman is the highest ranked Native American in the world. January 2000, he began teaching this unique system of his Native people.

On May 20th 2000, he was inducted into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his achievement in the martial arts. Chief has worked on the hit television series Walker, Texas Ranger and is currently authoring a book to be published in the near future. August 9, 2003, the prestigious International Martial Arts Headfounders/GrandMaster Council awarded Chief Roman 10th degree Soke/GrandMaster. The certificate is signed by the Founder, Soke Marty Cale, Soke Dr. Dan Netherland and 8 other distinguish Grandmaster. It is such a great honor to be a part of their organization.

Today, Chief who is single and resides in Dallas, TX and is the father of three children, Randy, Lee and daughter Adrienne. All are 4th Degree Black Belts in American Kenpo and are poised to take Kenpo and Red Warrior/Tushka-homa into the next millennium. The flame continues to burn.

“Enlighten men with wisdom, let them know of your honor and see your dignity. Leave them knowing that they were in the presence of someone who made a difference” Adrian “Chief” Roman