Dave Simmons

Mr. Dave Simmons began his martial arts training in Kenpo at Al Tracy's San Jose, California school in 1966. Four years later, in 1970 he received is 1st degree black belt from Mr. Al Tracy.

Mr. Simmons opened his first Kenpo school, in Long Island, in 1971. From 1971 to 1975, Mr. Simmons was responsible for opening and running 4 schools in the state of New York. Due to the economic climate change at the time, he was forced to close those schools.

In 1976, he moved to the Midwest. From 76 to the 90's, he taught privately or by contract. In 1994, he earned his 6th degree black belt from Mr. Al Tracy. In 1999, Mr. Simmons opened his Twin Dragons Kenpo Karate school in Minnesota.

Mr. Simmons still actively teaches and trains as does his daughter. He runs his Kenpo School in Minnesota and promotes Kenpo through a variety of seminars. He also supports the Gathering of the Eagles camp held in Las Vegas and visits a variety of discussion forums, including The KenpoNet forum. In addition, he has also placed his own website on the internet, which can be found here.