Steve (Sanders) Muhammad

Born Steve Sanders in Topeka, Kansas, Mr. Steve Muhammad had his first taste of the martial arts as a youth going to work. He joined in a physical activity without even realizing he was doing Tai Chi. He joined the Marines and was trained as a Pathfinder. While stationed in Okinawa, he trained a bit in Goju-Ryu, and knew he instantly wanted more. When he returned to the United States, he enrolled in Ed Parker's West Los Angeles school. After two years, he was called to Vietnam and left as a two-tipper, or a purple belt.

When Mr. Muhammad returned from Vietnam, he returned to the WLA school which was being taught by Mr. Dan Inosanto. Shortly thereafter, he began to study at Mr. Chuck Sullivan's school at the Crenshaw school.

In July of 1966, Mr Muhammad earned his black belt. Around this time, he became involved in competition. He beat the Lightweight International Champion Carlos Bunda. he also travelled abroad with Mr. Parker and competed in Spain, and Hawaii. He also fought full-contact in the Phillipines.

In 1969, Mr. Muhammad started his own school on Western Ave. and formed the Black Karate Federation with Mr. Donnie Williams, Mr. Jerry Smith, and Mr. Cliff Stewart. He also worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for 20 years. His first assignment was to go undercover as were many subsequent assignments. These assignments often required Mr. Muhammad to defend himself and got into numerous fights, never losing one. He also started doing outside security work and in 1989 formed his own company. He started doing security for jewelry shows and art shows as well as for celebrities like Wesley Snipes.

Mr. Muhammad talks about planning a state-of-the-art school with a library and day care as well as a tutor, a kitchen, and sleeping quarters for 70 - 80 people when seminars are held. He also has planned some boos, such as The God Side of Kenpo.