American Kenpo Karate

This section contains a collection of links of many sites on the Internet where you can look at different sites devoted to American Kenpo. If you do find a link that does not lead anywhere, or would like to trade links, contact the KenpoNet administrator, here.


Parker/Planas Lineage
International Kenpo Karate Federation
International Kenpo Karate Society
Chinese Karate Federation
Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association
AKKI- contains a forum and other information
John Sepulveda's American Kenpo Training System
Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0
British Kenpo Karate Union
Universal Kenpo Karate Dojos
France Kenpo Karate Association
IKKA España
American Kenpo International
American Kenpo Federation
United Kenpo Systems
Universal Kenpo Federation
IKCA: The Karate Connection
George Elmer, Jr.'s American Chinese Kenpo Karate System
American Kenpo Karate Association- (Bill Packer)
United Kenpo Karate Studios- in Spanish
American Kenpo Concepts
Padgett's Kenpo Karate Association
JJ's Kenpo Association

Seniors and Other Famous Folks
Richard "Huk" Planas
Stephen LaBounty- excellent site features articles, photos, merchandise and more.
Frank Trejo- site features information, guestbook, etc.
Rick Hughes' Site
Larry Tatum
Lee Wedlake
Jeff Speakman
Zach Whitson
Dennis Nackord Kenpo Karate- contains videos and written descriptions of most of the curriculum.
Chuck Sullivan and Vic LeRoux- the IKCA
Bob White Kenpo Karate
Graham Lelliott's Kenpo Karate
Jim Mitchell's Kenpo Karate
Rick Fowler's American Kenpo
Steve Spry's Kenpo Karate Institute
Tommy Chavies

Other Kenpo Sites
The KenpoNet- features the most popular discussion forum, news, archives, a studio directory, mall, and more.
Universal Kenpo Karate Dojos
PC Wood's KenpoWeb- gives access to the Martial Arts Web, his techniques, etc.
Ultimate Kenpo Alliance
European Kenpo Karate Association
Jade Tigers School of Self-Defense
Kenpo Joe Rebelo's Website
Cecil Jackson's American Kenpo Karate Club
American Karate System
Brian Baker's Ed Parker Kenpo Website- site of write-ups and links
Kenpo Thoughts
Kenpo Kards
Dr. Len Brassard's Family Martial Arts Center
Dan D'Onfro's World-Class Kenpo
Full Circle Martial Arts- Zach Whitson's school
Michael Billings' Kenpo Karate
American Family Kenpo Karate
Roy Travert- Jersey Kenpo
The Kenpo Machine- in Spanish
Luis Nuno's Kenpo Site- in Spanish and English
A.S.E. Kenpo
Hector Jofre Kenpo Systems (Chile)
American Kenpo Karate Academy- Les Grihault's AKKI page
James Adkins Kenpo
Kenpo Comics- in honor of Kenpo and Mr. Parker.
Golden Dragon Dojo
Kenpo Netherlands
Rathdown Kenpo Karate
East West Kenpo Karate- Robert Jones' school
Angelo Collado's Kenpo Site
Boise Kenpo Karate
Liner's Kenpo Karate
International Schools of Self-Defense
LTKKA Mexico
Sergio Correa's Chilean Kenpo Site
Keith Gorham's Kenpo Karate Website
Ryer Martial Arts Academy
Dwyane McGee's LTKKA Kenpo New Zealand
The Kenpo Journey- by Scott French
American Kenpo Karate Association- Mirco Berwing
Ed Parker's Kenpo- Germany
Marc Sigle's Kenpo Site (German)
Kenpo Karate- AKKI France
AKKI Ireland
Dragon Kenpo US
Progressive Kenpo Systems
Le Portail Du Kenpo Karate France
Bristol Kenpo
Kenpo Contact System- French
American Kenpo Karate- Atlanta
Telluride Karate Studio
Kenpo Karate Estudio (Madrid, Spain)
Jorn Brandt's American Kenpo Website
Kenpo Studio- Chile
East Coast Kenpo Systems
Lawler's Kenpo
Mike Lambert's Kenpo Karate
Kenpo Alaska- IKCA School
Loreto College of Kenpo Karate
Kenpo (in Russian)
McVicar Kenpo Academy
Vidal Karate Studio
Jose Garay
East Taunton Kenpo Karate- Teaching Traditional Parker Kenpo under the AKI w/ Tony Cogliandro.