Martial Arts Supplies
(Supply stores, training dummies, training targets, gear, etc.)

This section contains a collection of links of many sites on the Internet where you can look at different training equipment, gear, etc. If you do find a link that does not lead anywhere, or would like to trade links, contact the KenpoNet administrator, here.
KenpoNet Mall- featuring Kenpo videos by Huk Planas, Bob White, Skip Hancock, Zach Whitson, Clint Hughes and more; Ed Parker's books, patches, jewelry, and much more.
Century Martial Arts
Asian World of Martial Arts, Inc. (AWMA)- also a general all-purpose company; does have some Kenpo items!
Magmall - Click here to save on magazine subscriptions
Turtle Press- for all your martial arts books and videos.
Sea of Chi
Tri-Country Martial Arts Supplies
Martial Arts Supplies --
Iron Mountain Knives
Kombat Instruments, Ltd.
Aloha Enterprises- features padded training batons or law enforcement and the military.
Patches-Pins- a site that specializes in different patches and other jewelry styled items.
Stress Relief - Tai Chi for Busy People- video package.... just 5 minutes a day!
Otomix- martial arts shoes
Kellogg Martial Arts Supply
Tiffin Mats
Discipline Footwear
Strength Systems- training shoes
Focusmaster- training dummy
OK Fine Productions- training dummies
Immortal- training dummy
Kataaro- has quality uniforms & belts, translations, etc.
Academy of Karate Martial Arts Supplies
Dynastrike- training equipment
Fairtex- training bags
Revgear Sports, Co.
Envision Enterprises- Customized shirts, hats, etc.
Macho Martial Arts- sparring gear, uniforms
American Martial Arts Supply
The Complete Martial Arts Store
Mancino Martial Arts Mats
Zebra Mats
Atama Kimonos
Gi's n Things
Kyokushin Goods- equipment and gear
Krugan's Kimonos
Crown Trophy- need a trophy?
Martial Arts Outfitters
Bud K Worldwide- knives, swords, and many more exotic things.
Nosyuiaido International- Swords and more
ColdSteel Knives
Emerson Knives
SCP Blade Rigger
Shinken Katana
Stadion- training equipment, etc.
Kinji San- gear and uniforms
I & I Sports- training gear and uniforms
Grass Hut Treasures- Guarana based drinks, powders, and more.
Pro Forge Knives- Supplying fine quality, traditionally made, functional katana, swords, and weapons to martial artists, re-enactors, and collectors. Built for competition, finished for collectors.
Ultimate Edge Knives- Weapons designed to be used by martial artists.