Phoenix, Arizona

On each of these pages, you will find a variety of schools, just choose your city. Their style is normally stated, be it Kenpo, Kempo, or Kajukenbo. If the information needs updating, or the school is no longer open, contact the KenpoNet webmaster at:

School Name: Greg Medford's American Karate Studios II
Address: 4731 East Union Hills Rd., #204
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phone: 480-419-7325
Head Instructor / Rank: Greg Medford
Style: Ed Parker's American Kenpo, Parker/Planas Lineage
Description: Specializing in classical and modern methods of self-defense and higher learning.
Email Address: Mr. Medford
Website: Greg Medford's Peak Fitness & Martial Arts
Other: Family Tree

School Name: Phoenix Kenpo Karate
Leininger Martial Arts Training Center
Address: 10401 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: 480-948-0606
Head Instructor / Rank: Bruce Tomson
Style: Ed Parker's American Kenpo, Paul Mills
Assocations: AKKI
Other: Family Tree

School Name: American Kenpo Concepts Phoenix
Paradise Valley School of Karate
Address: 13647 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone: 480-332-8564
Head Instructor / Rank: Darin Mowery, 2nd Deg. Black Belt
Style: Ed Parker's Kenpo
Associations: Tommy Chavies American Kenpo Concepts
Email Address: Mr. Mowery
Website: American Kenpo Concepts

School Name: Arizona Kenpo Self-Defense Systems
Address: 3516A W. Cactus Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Head Instructor / Rank: D. Wooten
Style: Ed Parker's Kenpo
Email Address: AZ Kenpo Email
Website: Arizona Kenpo Self-Defense Systems

School Name: Concealed Weapon
Address: Phoenix, AZ 
(call for directions)
Phone: 602-581-3546
Head Instructor / Rank: Lawrence E. Robinson II, 4th Deg. Black Belt
Style: Ed Parker's American Kenpo
Associations: Kenpo2000
Description: We utilize the following training concept- "Attitude is always first, the next level of training is focused on three areas: Basics, Logic, and Fitness. These are exercised through the following exercises: Forms, Sets, Techniques, and Freestyle. 'Train hard! Train regularly! Train intelligently! and Make No Excuses!'"

School Name: Arizona Kenpo Karate
Address: 12839 N. 19th Pl. 
Phoenix, AZ 85022-5786
Phone: 602-992-4783
Head Instructor / Rank: Ken McMillin, 5th Deg. Black Belt
Style: Ed Parker's American Kenpo, IKCA
Associations: IKCA
Description: Primarily a self-defense oriented school. Understanding the what and why and how is an important part of what we do. Chuck Sullivan and Vic LeRoux's curriculum used.
Other: Family Tree

School Name: USA Martial Arts & Fitness
Address: 3319 W. Greenway Rd. 
Phoenix, AZ 85053
Phone: 602-993-4FUN (4386)
Head Instructor / Rank: Larry Vasquez, 5th Deg. Black Belt
Style: Parker / Tracy Blend
Description: We feature the most modern and complete facility in the area. Separate mens and womens locker rooms, training area completely matted, and full fitness gym included in membership. Classes include Kenpo, Escrima, Kickboxing, Tae-Kwon Do, and Karate Aerobics. Classes all day and separated for tots, youth, and adults. Please stop in and observe a class.