Salem, Oregon

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School Name: Salem Martial Arts Center
Address: 2552 19th St. SE
Salem, OR 97305
Phone: 503-581-6040
Head Instructor / Rank: Mary Wright, 3rd Deg. Black Belt
Style: Ed Parker's American Kenpo
Associations: Mitchell Systems Kenpo Karate

Our goal is to provide a positive and effective training environment to explore all aspects of martial arts training and individual improvement.

Salem Martial Arts was founded by a group of individuals who gathered together to explore various forms of training in the martial arts. The members enjoy working in many different facets including Kenpo Karate, modern weapons, ancient weapons, and other martial forms.

Built on the foundation of Kenpo Karate, we have discovered parallels of movement within many diverse martial disciplines. Through the use of scientific principles of motion, we explore the various aspects of training and combat.

If anyone is passing through the Salem/Portland area and need a place to train or just drop by, feel free to drop in and say hello.

Email Address: Ms. Wright
Website: Salem Martial Arts- website