Aberdeen, South Dakota

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School Name: Aberdeen Kenpo Karate Academy
Address: 506 N. 1st Ave, Ste. 1
Aberdeen, South Dakota
Phone: 605-290-3387 & 605-229-AKKA
Head Instructor / Rank: Bill Lammon
Style: American Kenpo / Chinese Kenpo blend
Description: We teach realistic self defense not sport karate. Our technqiues are based on kenpo techniques as well as law enforcement defensive tactics and military combatives. Head instructor is a certified law enforcement officer and SWAT team member with prior US Army service. Also certified in PPCT. We cover the legal use of force in self defense applications. We have no belt testing fees and have a flat monthly rate. Quality self defense that works and is affordable.
Email Address: Mr. Lammon
Website: Kenpo Karate Academy